Embracing Uncertainty to Mitigate Project Risk

Stoos Sparks February 18, 2014
With Chris Matts and Olav Maassen authors of Commitment and Real Options

A lot of projects fail for two reasons: 1) it is too easy to commit to an option early on and 2) decisions are made as if conditions are predictable. They aren’t. In this episode of Stoos Sparks, Chris Matts and Olav Maassen share how Real Options, managing project risk with a totally different approach, can mitigate risk and support success. Join us in a live hangout, ask questions, hear them out. Anything you’ve ever assumed about managing risk is about to receive a shake up.

If you want to hear a preview listen to this business podcast on Risk, Uncertainty and New Shoes

Their book Commitment, is a graphic novel aka comic book! YES! A novel approach. Go to: Commitment-The Book to learn more.



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