Gamifying Innovation with Rui Patricio

Companies that subscribe to authoritative management styles oppress creativity and then expect innovation. One way to reawaken both creativity and collaboration, both essential to innovation, is to play.

Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold.

– Joseph Chilton Pearce

Rui Patricio is the co-founder and Partner of Digitalflow, a company specialized in the development of innovation tools (games and software). With more than 25 years experience in management and information systems, Rui is a creator, a researcher, an active speaker, author, business coach, lecture and executive mentor of R&D spin-offs. Rui is passionate about helping organizations and company’s senior management to achieve their goals by introducing innovation methods and tools, organizational changes and new strategies.
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Here’s our conversation on the role of innovation games in accelerating innovation.

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