Spark the Change: Why Scaling Size Isn’t the Only Game in Town

Business assumes that scaling is a mark of success but what if you just want to be small and create value instead. Helen Walton of in London, Jack Hubbard of award winning Propellernet and Laurence McCahill of Happy Startup School talk with Dawna Jones about why small is smart and better for the world. Is small business better for people and the world?

We talked about:
Scaling value not people.
Mistakes startups make
Assumptions business makes when talking about success
And more!

There is a growing movement toward a radically different way of managing and doing business.  Spark the Change is a part of it. Stay tuned for more.  This program runs  the third Tuesday of each month featuring thought leaders, ideas, different ways of working together to achieve prosperity.

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June, 2014



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