What is Stoos?

Background: What is Stoos and how did we get here?

One of the twenty-one founders of Stoos, Deborah Hartmann Preuss, answers a few questions:
Q: What is Stoos?

A: In January 2012 I participated in a small meeting to discuss “global management warming.” 21 of us met in Stoos Switzerland, for just a day and a half, and the result was the Stoos Communique – a call to work together as a network, to catalyse change at a faster rate, to make work more enjoyable and to create more value that really matters with our work. You’ll find the communiqué here http://stoosnetwork.org . In short: we wondered why so many business are still using 19th century models of management, and decided to raise awareness about better ways. We decided to do this within a network structure – so we have no manifesto, no heirarchy, no bylaws or directors. Activity within the Stoos Network operates much like an Open Space conference – directed by the passion and responsibility of those who choose to make things happen.

Q: What has happened so far in the Stoos Network?

A: It’s a question we hear often! People arrive and, instead of seeing prepared “answers”, they step into the middle of conversations. In the language of Human Complexity Science, we are exploring our values and identity, building connections, and uncovering the meaning that emerges from this identity. Stoos Network intentionally is a work-in-progress (more on that here: http://abiggerga.me/blog/new-language-for-a-new-mind-tbd/ ). We know that better ways *already* exist, and we’ve been exploring the neighbourhood to discover where the these better ideas, methods and movements live, who our neighbours and allies are, and starting conversations with them. “Stoosians” have been meeting publicly in the Stoos Network LinkedIn group, more privately in self-selecting groups on conference phone/video calls, and in person in various places around the globe, in local Stoos Satellite meetings and other communities, too. We’ve been playing with Google Hangout as a means of bridging gaps of distance and time-zones in the Stoos Sparks initiative http://www.youtube.com/user/stoossparks/videos . And, as with any community, the important work is sometimes hidden from view: people building bridges; behind the scenes organising events; writing books; and growing change behind closed doors in their own organisations.
Deborah Hartmann Preuss

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