Stress Management for You and Your Company-Maarten de Winter

As a CEO Maarten de Winter learned first hand about the high cost of stress. As a consultant, he saw other companies and their management teams make the same mistakes. To replace managing stress by taking action, with a more systemic and effective approach, Maarten has developed and used the Tasktuner with companies. He explains how you can be more effective by getting to the source of what is creating the stress so that when you do take action, it creates the results you’re after.

To take the self-assessment tool and become more aware of where you’re in or out of balance go to: or email Maarten at

Maarten de Winter is passionate about strengthening capacity of managers and professionals to live a focused, meaningful and productive work life. Knowing how to manage stress is the No.1 leadership issue of today. To help organizations effectively reduce stress, he developed a system to restore and maintain balance through a three-step process: diagnosis, dialogue and then do (action). Individual self-diagnosis, carried out through a time balance sheet available online, facilitates self-awareness: Taaktuner (Tasktuner in English). His balancing circle leverages behavioral change that improves organizational performance, innovation, strengthening relations while reducing stress.

Maarten is founder of an international consultancy network Archimedes and author of ‘Het sjoelbaksyndroom’, a book written in Dutch on stress management.

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