Ugilic and CRISP – Two Self-Organizing Companies

March’s Stoos Sparks takes us to Kristian Haugaard and Martin Ellemann Olesen of in Denmark and Michael Göthe of in Sweden. Both companies have adopted a self-organized approach to running their companies with employee happiness as their organizing and core principle.

Companies that care about people are looking into alternative approaches to governance so with Michael on this program is James Priest, Sociocracy consultant, who explains what it is and how it’s been used for governance for many years. Values are changing away from money at any cost toward quality of life, contribution and caring about how business moves through the world. In a self-organizing model people must bring their whole selves to work and accept full responsibility for decisions and actions. CRISP got rid of their CEO – the CEO of Ugilic is on the program. Learn more; listen in!

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