Who we are-Dawna and Sander

Stoos Sparks is conceived and performed by Dawna Jones and Sander Huijsen.

Dawna Jones

The business environment is complex. Old habits can block capacity to apply creativity and collaboration needed for constant agility. Dawna Jones applies twenty-five years of experience delivering change agent training, expanding change management skills, and leadership development to tap into an innate capacity for collaboration. She perceives the unconscious elements underneath the surface to gain insight, then take action on what drives employee engagement or getting things done.  Her learning labs expand thinking and reconnect intuition to decision-making.  Her approaches are customized and creative. Contact Dawna through www.FromInsightToAction.com.

Sander Huijsen

Sander is an experienced agile software developer  who, because corporate life just didn’t cut it anymore, became self-employed in the summer of 2012. He firmly believes work should be fun, and that happy people are more effective and productive. Within the software development business, agile thinking is an huge step in the right direction and on the organisational level, Stoosian thinking (even in its infancy) is the way to go. This is his motivation to be actively involved in the Stoos Network. Sander now lives in Perth (Australia) and can be contacted through www.sanderhuijsen.com.

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